Fried Chicken in a Crisp Coating | Step by Step

Fried-Chicken-in-a-Crisp-Coating-Step-by-Step-with-photos-tips-easy and homemade

Fried chicken is one of the world’s great basic dishes. In America it ranks as a na­tional institution—albeit one subject to infinite variations from region to region and cook to cook. Some people insist that the chicken be fried in the fat from smoked bacon; others swear by lard, still others by pea­nut oil. Inventive … Read more

The Chinese Technique of Stir Frying

The Chinese Technique of Stir Frying-Coating-the-slices-Removing the tendon-Slicing the breast and fillet

Using this centuries-old Chinese tech­nique, you can fry morsels of meat and vegetables in minutes by tossing them briskly against the side of an intensely hot but well-oiled pan. Because the cook­ing time is so short, flavor and juices do not have time to escape. Meat stays moist and tender; vegetables come out crisp. Before … Read more

How to Make Fish Stock


A good fish stock is an essential ingredient in many of the recipes in this book, indispensable for giving a good flavour to chowders and stews, soups and sauces. The heads, tails and bones of white fish, such as cod and plaice, make excellent bases for fish stock. Oily fish are too rich and fatty to use. … Read more

How to Prepare Cooked Lobster

How to Prepare Cooked Lobster-Spread -Clean-Crack-Serve

Spread the lobster Cut the lobster Clean the lobster Crack the lobster Serve the lobster 1 Put the lobster on its front on a chopping board, pulling the tail out to its full length so that it sits flat against the board. 2 Using a sharp, heavy knife, slice lengthways down the center of the lobster … Read more

How to Prepare Cooked Crab


1. Step Put the crab on its back on a work surface and twist the legs and claws to separate them from the body. Holding the shell in your hands, extract the body Section from the shell by pressing firmly against the tail of the crab. Pull out and discard the stomach and the gills (the ‘dead men’s … Read more