Fried Chicken in a Crisp Coating | Step by Step

Fried-Chicken-in-a-Crisp-Coating-Step-by-Step-with-photos-tips-easy and homemade

Fried chicken is one of the world’s great basic dishes. In America it ranks as a na­tional institution—albeit one subject to infinite variations from region to region and cook to cook. Some people insist that the chicken be fried in the fat from smoked bacon; others swear by lard, still others by pea­nut oil. Inventive … Read more

The Chinese Technique of Stir Frying

The Chinese Technique of Stir Frying-Coating-the-slices-Removing the tendon-Slicing the breast and fillet

Using this centuries-old Chinese tech­nique, you can fry morsels of meat and vegetables in minutes by tossing them briskly against the side of an intensely hot but well-oiled pan. Because the cook­ing time is so short, flavor and juices do not have time to escape. Meat stays moist and tender; vegetables come out crisp. Before … Read more