How to Prepare Cooked Lobster

  1. Spread the lobster
  2. Cut the lobster
  3. Clean the lobster
  4. Crack the lobster
  5. Serve the lobster

1 Put the lobster on its front on a chopping board, pulling the tail out to its full length so that it sits flat against the board.

2 Using a sharp, heavy knife, slice lengthways down the center of the lobster and separate it into two halves.

How to Prepare Cooked Lobster-Spread -Cut

3 Pull out and discard the stomach and grey ‘beards’ from the body cavity at the head end of the lobster.

How to Prepare Cooked Lobster-Spread -Clean
How to Prepare Cooked Lobster-Spread -Clean

4 Crack the claws with nutcrackers so that the shell can be pulled easily away to reveal the delicious claw meat.

5 The lobster can be grilled at this stage, or the tail and claw meats can be pulled out and used in a salad.